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【规格】 :重量:127g



[Collection]: Iron meteorite


[Specification]: Weight: 127g Number: 4 block


Meteorites are also divided into stone meteorites, iron meteorites and stone iron meteorites. In the universe, in addition to Mars and Venus, which are well-known planets, there are also some interstellar materials that will revolve around the sun. When these interstellar materials enter the earth's atmosphere, they will become meteors in our mouth, which is actually called "meteoroids". Through friction and collision with atmospheric molecules, meteoroids will leave traces of air ionization along the way, falling to the surface and becoming meteorites. Among them, the ones with high volcanic composition are meteorites, the ones with high iron density are ferrometeorites, while the ones with ferrometeorites contain 50% silicate and 50% ferronickel.


In recent years, with the increasing popularity of meteorite knowledge, meteorites known as extraterrestrials are gradually coming into people's sight, many collectors are even more fond of it, and the domestic meteorite collection boom is also quietly rising. Now, the iron meteorite is the formation of a skyrocketing situation, the transaction price has been repeatedly refreshed, the real one stone, the market prospect is clear. Generally speaking, meteorites can be divided into three types: iron meteorites, stone meteorites and iron meteorites. Among them, iron meteorites are pursued by new collectors because of their unique historical value and scientific research value. Iron meteorites account for 1% of all meteorite categories, that is to say, only one of the 100 meteorites falling from the sky is iron meteorite, which can be seen as extremely precious and valuable.


The iron meteorite is mainly composed of two minerals: iron ore and nickel ore, followed by a small amount of graphite, meteorite ferrophosphate, meteorite sulfur chromite, meteorite carbon iron, chromite and meteorite sulfur iron. Because its density and the proportion of mineral elements are generally large, compared with meteorites and other meteorites, the magnetic field and vibration frequency released by energy is very high, and the energy is more powerful, which has a good effect on improving the surrounding environment, and indirectly promotes the growth and development of water bodies and plants and animals, which is of great significance.


In the ancient history, people regard meteorites as sacred objects. For example, ancient Romans regarded meteorites as messengers of gods. They built bell towers where meteorites fell to worship them. Hungarians carried the meteorite into the church and chained it to prevent the "God's gift" from flying back to the sky. In China, Zuo's biography says, "meteorites, stars.". All kinds of signs show that in ancient times, meteorites were precious relics in people's eyes. In fact, not only in ancient times, but even today, meteorites are still considered to have powerful mysterious cosmic energy. They are the angels of the fourth space in the universe, with strong ability to ward off evil spirits, transport and transport, ward off evil spirits, and hold houses. Eminent monks in Thailand, Southeast Asia and Tibet call meteorites "Tiantie". They often make them into talismans, Vajra pestles and other instruments for cultivation.


The iron meteorite weighs about 127g. There are burn marks on the surface of the meteorite, which is surrounded by a dark, black and bright melting shell. There are many small holes on the melting shell irregularly. This is the product of the meteorite's rapid interaction with the atmosphere in the process of falling to the earth, and it is an important basis for distinguishing the meteorite. The collection is black in color, round in shape, with obvious burn marks, high Mohs hardness and great in comparison. It is a very good collection of iron meteorites even after endless years of baptism. It's exquisite in appearance and rare. It's an excellent collection of iron meteorites. It's valuable and valuable. It integrates scientific research value and investment collection value. It's worth collecting!





Although the formation of iron meteorites is a natural phenomenon, few of them are found or collected when they land on the earth every year, many of them are unknown, let alone collected and collected. In addition, researchers can learn more about the early universe through the study of iron meteorites, which is of great value and is a must for some developed countries. All kinds of signs show that the iron loss stone has a very high value of investment and collection, which is of far-reaching significance

Special tips: the above treasures are sold by the owner in good faith, and collectors from all walks of life are welcome to consult or bid.