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[Tibet. Recommendation] column for the strong dissemination effect of the collection to recommend to buyers the selected art treasures by experts at the first level of national appraisal, to bridge the gap for Tibetans, so that the value of thousands of art treasures are excavated and valued, and high-priced transactions can be concluded in the auction.




【藏品规格】高:71mm 宽:36.9mm 重60g




[collection name] Song Dynasty jade wengzhong


[collection Specification] height: 71mm, width: 36.9mm, weight: 60g


[collection type] jade


China's thousands of years of cultural history has gone through many dynasties, creating a profound and bright jade culture. Jade wares of different periods are equivalent to postcards of that era to a certain extent. Various cultures, customs, techniques and other aspects are all reflected in jade wares of large or small, color or deep or light.



The Song Dynasty has an indelible jade culture, abandoning the previous generation's making out of thin air and choosing common themes in daily life for realistic creation. One of the signs is that the jade carving children, with high production technology, reached the unprecedented level at that time, and its characteristics are quite distinct.



Most of the best handed down jades in Song Dynasty are high-quality white jade and sapphire, and most of the themes are ornaments and ornaments. In terms of jade decoration, it inherited the theme of flowers and birds in Tang Dynasty, but in Song Dynasty, it was further developed and expanded, and the first batch of sketch styles appeared. Song Yu's greatest artistic achievement is embodied in the intention of modeling and decoration, which is elegant in modeling, implicit in theme and rich in artistic value. There is a custom in Song Dynasty. Bianliang, the capital of Northern Song Dynasty, is in full bloom on the seventh day of July every year. Adults will take their children to the lakeside and the lotus pond to pick a lotus leaf and let them hold it called "touch and enjoy". This is to pray for the safety of children, and it also means to look forward to their children, which is reflected in various sculptures.


The unification of the Northern Song Dynasty brought about the prosperity of culture and economy, especially the addiction to jade of Zhao Ji, Huizong of the Song Dynasty, which promoted the rise of epigraphy and the prosperity of urban economy, all of which directly or indirectly promoted the unprecedented development of the jade wares of the song, Liao and Jin Dynasties. Sapphire is the largest component of nephrite. Its material composition is the same as or similar to that of white jade. Its genesis is the same as that of white jade. It belongs to contact metamorphism, and only shows differences due to the trace element iron. When wearing and maintaining sapphire, avoid collision with hard objects, wear it frequently and rub it at all times. For the color of sapphire, the ancients have the so-called shrimp green, snot green, willow green, bamboo leaf and Tian Sapphire Bracelet Green and so on.



The ancients were green, so-called blue is better than blue. It is said that ancient celadon was fired from the inspiration of similar celadon colors. Its unique color charm makes the contemporary celadon much loved. In today's market, the price is rising rapidly. In terms of value, sapphire is far inferior to sheepskin jade and white jade, but it has its own characteristics: it is usually relatively large in size, fine in texture, warm and greasy. At the same time, a part of sapphire has a very good toughness due to its dense interwoven structure, which is an important raw material for making thin bodied vessels.



In this article, the jade portrait is from the Song Dynasty. The color is delicate and transparent. The color is green and the grain size is very fine, so the texture is very delicate. It has grease luster, which gives people a sense of moisture and softness. The water head is sufficient, which is slightly transparent. First, the outline of the whole figure is carved with the round carving technique, then the face of the figure is outlined with the light relief, the facial features are outlined with a Yin line when the face is opened, and a Yin line around the eyes is used as the eye curtain. The thick and wide Yin lines outline the whole mouth, the lines are connected, and the upper width and the lower width are narrow. The body is carved with Yin carving. The clothes, lace and sleeves of the figures are carved one by one. There is no wrong line in the whole process. The carving technique of Han Badao completely carves the dressing style of the figures of Song Dynasty, which is three points in the wood, enough to prove that the carving technique is very excellent. Passed down so far is very rare, very rare Z! It has a very high collection investment value!



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